About GIX

The Global Innovation eXchange (GIX) is a global partnership between Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, located in Bellevue, WA, U.S. GIX dedicates to developing thought leaders in innovation to solve the world’s greatest challenges. GIX pioneers new forms of teaching and learning by connecting world-class learners and faculty with research-led companies and non-profits. 


About our Dual Master Degree Program

Exponential growth in connected devices is expected over the next decade, resulting in tremendous social and economic value, as the Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Computing, and Smart Devices become dramatically more cost effective, simpler to develop, and increasingly mainstream. Connected devices are poised to advance such diverse fields as health and natural resource management. To invent new applications and develop the expanding connected device market requires leaders with an array of technology, prototyping, design and entrepreneurial skills. We address global challenges by interdisciplinary project oriented education. We train the students how to integrate resources and leverage the innovation ecosystem to change the world. Connected devices is the first dual master degree program offered by GIX. Starting from the fall 2017, prospective students with innovation consciousness, vision and sense of responsibility and mission will start their study in Bellevue.


Key facts:

Dual Master Degree:


Master of Engineering in Information Technology of Tsinghua University

Master of Science in Technology Innovation of the University of Washington



Full-time study. The first 15 months in Seattle and the rest will be in Tsinghua University(Beijing, China)


Tuition Fee:

Around $77,000


Financial Aids:

Financial aids are available for applicants, including scholarships and low-interest loans. Paid internships are available for GIX students from overseas high-tech firms.


Contact Us:

GIX admissions office


B425-1,Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building,

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084,China







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