1. Global Recruitment: before September 20th, 2016


Applications for the competition will be due by September 20th, 2016. At this stage, what we really need is your brilliant idea. We are encouraging everyone in related fields to give it a shot, as an individual or as a team (a team should consist of at most 3 people).


Please join us at will only need two minutes for our quick application, and a link for a complete submission form about your innovative idea will be sent to you via email later. The prototype of your idea is required at the final competition in Nov. You have a relatively long period of time to develop your idea before the final competition.


2.Selection of Projects: before September 30th, 2016


The second stage is the selection of projects. Our Technical Program Committee will select 50 projects from the pool of applications to go to the second round. Selection will be done by September 30th, 2016. This is an online selection that focuses on your idea as presented in your application.


3.Selection of Final Competition Projects: before October 15th, 2016

The third stage is the selection of final competition projects. The 50 teams chosen above will present their ideas in a virtual road show (in the form of video conferencing) before October15th. Our committee will select the top 20 who will go to the final competition. Please note that this stage is about your idea too. We’d like to see any kind of the demonstration of your idea, including the development of your idea, but don’t expect prototypes at this stage.


4.Final Competition: the second week of November 2016


This is our grand finale. You will present the prototype of your project at this stage.


The finale is a live road show that will be held in Beijing, in the second week of November 2016.


You will demonstrate your project directly to world-leading innovators and they will share their knowledge and experiences with you.


From the top 20 projects, we will have at most three first prizes, three second prizes and four third prizes.

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