Nowadays, the pillows in the market focus little on cervical health. As a result, the existed cervical pillows' user experience is not very good and the pillow function is simple. Because of the above reasons , cervical health pillow has not been so popular in the public. Here, we design a smart pillow that mainly focus on cervical health and mental health, and it is full-featured.


The main functions of the intelligent pillow can be divided into 7 categories: intelligent lifting and lowering, sleep quality monitor, health indicators testing, sleep environment testing, sleep aid, intelligent home. The unique sleep position judgement algorithm is developed by ourselves. Our health pillow contains pattern recognition technology, TFT touch screen technology, Internet of things technology, Bluetooth, wireless transmission, Android app , server technology, etc.. The pillow meets user's need on sleep from many aspects. Users can feel the convenience of technology from our pillow which has a broad market prospects and scalability.











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