Smart Dx

Smart Dx, is a platform to revolutionize primary healthcare by using real-time analytics in the interpretation of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for common infectious diseases. Central to our approach is the algorithm that combines the physical RDT result and epidemiological and patient-specific information. We plan to deliver this novel approach in two phases.

Phase 1: App. We will develop a smartphone ‘App’ that interprets the existing test result (manual input or image capture), fetches epidemiological data (e.g. prevalence, vaccine efficacy) from CDC databases, performs calculation and presents the result to support clinician decision. This fast-to-market and lower regulatory risk approach is aimed towards idea validation and evaluating user acceptability.



Phase 2: Smart device + App. This is the future of diagnostic testing. With built-in smarts, this RDT itself can automatically detect the test result, query the CDC databases and perform the calculation. An App may present the result in absence of appropriate user interface (UI) on the rapid test. 

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